How classical the documentary movies are!

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No matter which era you like the most, don't worry - we have devoted decades of films to compiling the best of them. This is the best documentary ever.

Filmmaker Ava Duvernay delves into how the U.S. prison system serves as a tool for institutionalizing racism and inequality. The 13th brings together a long series of moving interview clips from outstanding scholars, activists, politicians and men and women who have experienced imprisonment.This good documentary movie remains a hot attractive.

Amy Winehouse's voice doomed her fate as a music idol when she was young, but her fate became more tortuous than anyone imagined. This heartbreaking biopic discredits Winehouse's notorious "party girl" record, reexamines the once-in-a-lifetime genius's personal life and career, and reviews how the world lost her.It is so classical a documentary movie that I can't wait watch it again.

Three Identical Strangers
This famed reunion of triplets separated at birth takes a disheartening twist when the three begin to seek out the conditions of their separation as infants. A true tour de force of the ability of documentary to capture the shocking circumstances that could only be crafted by life itself.Maybe we can reminds ourself from this impressive documentary movie.

If you are eager to enter a world different from yourself, take a look at Honeywell. This documentary will take you to the Balkans and hatid ž Together with e muratova, hatid ž E muratova was one of the last Macedonians to engage in ancient beekeeping. The film, which was filmed for three years, found an interesting foil for the simulated women who moved to a young family nearby. However, even if the film lacks this central plot, the gorgeous photography and scenery itself are also very happy.

March of the Penguins
When Penguin debuted in March 2005, it was not only a legal cultural phenomenon, but also one of the world's greatest natural documentaries. Seriously: who thought penguins' staggering and weird mating season would make us cry? Oh, before we forget - Penguin March is the Holy Grail of a 21st century documentary. Narrator by Morgan Freeman.This excellent documentary movie show a lot for us That more efforts need to be made.

Minding the Gap
Fortunately, history will remember that the Academy will provide Oscar nominations for minding the gap in 2018. When shooting his best friend for 12 years, Bing Liu told a heartbreaking growth story. It hit hard and will continue to be with you for many years after you saw this film. (even if you remember it only because of its excellent skateboarding photography.) Or at least until Liu, who is preparing to become a legal movie star, premieres his next effort.From This classical documentary movie,we need more encourage to make more progress.