The post ends by explaining the steps Blizzard is doing

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But particularly Blizzard attribute the problem to the old code used in the creation and joining of games, as well as reading characters from the database. "We did improve this service in D2R Ladder Items many ways to make it more compatible with contemporary technology, but as we've mentioned previously many of our issues stem from the game's creation," says the post.

This is the point where we can move into the player's behavior.

"We talk about'modern game behavior", as it's an interesting point to think about. As of 2001 there weren't nearly as much content on the internet about the best way to play Diablo II 'correctly' (Baal runs for XP as well as Pindleskin/Ancient Swers for magical finds, etc.).

Today, however players can browse the internet for any number of incredible content creators who can help them use the game various methods, many featuring a great deal of database load by creating.

loading and even destroying games at a rapid rate. While we anticipated this with players making fresh characters on fresh servers, working hard to get their magic-finding items-we vastly underestimated the extent of what we learned from beta testing. "Basically, you're all too expert, and videogame guides are at fault. (You can check out the top Diablo 2 builds guide here.)

The post ends by explaining the steps Blizzard is doing about these issues, which include some unsatisfactory solutions. These include rate limiting to prevent players from creating excessive games in rapid in a row, as well as queues for logins.

Therefore, players won't overload servers and instead queue as if playing in an MMO. Rate limits are in effect now and is thought of as "mitigation" rather than an end-to-end solution, but queues will be implemented "in the next few days" at a later date on the PC."

In addition, Blizzard say they've drafted members from across the organization, "not just on the D2R team" for help working on the issues D2R Ladder Items Buy. It is hoped that eventually they'll be able to get it operating smoothly without the limits.