For Sell Switch Mould Function Introduction

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for sell switch mould

Since the development of smart homes, it has also been developed for more than 20 years. From several foreign agents to the current major brands, it has launched a variety

All kinds of smart home products are recognized and loved by consumers. However, most of these brands are foundry models. The products are basically produced by foundries, so for production

In terms of product function and product quality, as manufacturers, we still know it. Let me introduce the functions of the FORLL SWITCH MOULD.

The current styles are examples.

1. Intelligent touch switch A paragraph

From the perspective of the design, the style is simple. The panel is treated with piano paint. The layers are clear and the atmosphere is delicate, showing the aesthetics of industrial art. There are LED dark lights under the panel key font, with warmth in softness, rose gold, industrial gray, titanium black, ivory white in the color.

Various walls and decoration styles from person to person.

There are two materials used in the current for Sell Switch Mould, with PC flame retardant materials and metal aluminum alloy materials. The strong and weak electric motherboard used to obstruct the isolation board. Compared with the ordinary switch, there will be no electro -spark products when touching the keycaple. The safety performance is effectively improved. The elderly and children do not have to worry about the risk of electric shock when using for Sell SWITCH MOULD.

For Sell Switch Mould can match the voice system to form interconnection through voice pairing to achieve the intelligent linkage of the entire home and achieve remote control effect. And all For Sell Switch Mould can directly replace the original ordinary switch. It does not need to re -layout the wires. It is simple and convenient, saving time and effort, and can save the material cost of materials.

For example: You want to control the mutual control before the two switches in the guest room and the master bedroom. However, it was found that the distance from the living room to the child's room was farther than the room. The cost was more expensive. It was particularly troublesome. The furniture had to be moved around. At this time you can choose for Sell Switch Mould, remove it directly in the original ordinary switch of the guest room and the master bedroom, replace the For Sell Switch Mould, and then use the pairing mode to match the two switches. Control, no wiring connection, saving materials artificially, and easily achieving the goal.

for sell switch mould