To take on such a demanding task of battling a formidable enemy

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Defeating the bosses in Lost Ark Gold is an option to players, but if they choose to participate that will allow them to improve their skills. There are several popular areas in the game, in which these monsters can be found.

Additionally, you can find these in collectibles. If you find them on the Adventurer's Homes screen, press the N key to see it. While you're at it be sure to check the guide on Lost Ark Nia Rapport.

Rewards for killing World Bosses

To take on such a demanding task of battling a formidable enemy is well worth the effort. Doing battle with these world class bosses is sure to bring plenty of loot. Additionally, you will receive a treasure map, epic 3D gear, as well as other items like materials, experience, and currency.

Lost Ark has almost 20 of these bosses from the world, however, these bosses keep increasing with each new update. In this guide, we will specifically explain how to locate and beat that Lost Ark Tarmakum boss. While you're at it, read our guide about Lost Ark Vertus Pet.

How to Locate Tarmakum in the Lost Ark

There are a few things to be done before you get to your ultimate enemy Tarmakum. There is a Factory located in a secret base which is hidden in an obscure region of the ocean. Moreover, the name of the location is Facility X-301, to access this facility, you will need to get a boat to travel across this Spectrum Ocean.

There are several side missions you have to complete prior to completing the primary quest. While you're on the subject, take a break and take a look at our guide for Best cheap Lost Ark Gold Mounts.