Simple one minute, teach you how to choose a ceiling rose mould

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ceiling rose mould

With the continuous development trend of The Times, intelligent commodities have gradually entered our daily life. ceiling rose mould is also popular among customers for its versatility, beautiful style, safe application and convenient assembly. So how much do you know about the ceiling rose mould? Let's share with you how to select a ceiling rose mould. ​

1. Well-known brands

Most of today's ceiling rose mould brands are new and beautiful, and until now, there hasn't been a single strong brand that could fit into the smart home furniture market. In addition, ceiling rose mould belongs to goods that are moving up the technological ladder rapidly. If you don't accelerate the science, you may run ahead in 2021 and be trampled underfoot in 2022. Therefore, it is not the key to choose the ceiling rose mould from well-known brands. The key is to buy those products with good reputation, high intelligence and high customer experience.

Step 2: Price

Relative to the traditional switch panel, the price of ceiling rose mould must be much more expensive. In today's society, anything associated with the word "smart" is not a good price. The same with a set of three rooms, two halls and two bathrooms, the general switch needs about 1000 yuan, a set of imported well-known brand intelligent switch about 15 thousand. Cost-effective intelligent switch hundreds of dollars, thousands of also said to prohibit, more expensive thousands of dollars, this is mainly to see my tolerance. I think, in the case of social and economic conditions can, in the home to install a set of smart home furniture automatic control system, which is beyond reproach, after all, that can provide you with great convenience, virtually has already improved the level of daily life.

3. Appearance

At present, the key ceiling rose mould in the market is mainly the traditional switch type, touch type, LCD touch type control panel. To choose which kind of intelligent switch, it depends on people. If it is installed in the elderly room, naturally the traditional push-button switch is more popular. Generally speaking, how to install the intelligent control panel, depends on the situation. Touch ceiling rose mould, also depends on the design sense, at present, there are many ceiling rose mould design schemes in the market do not have a smart modern sense. Today's main non-LCD screen touch type intelligent switch is nothing, they choose the LCD panel screen, there are design patterns, a variety of switch function keys at a glance, appearance level, is highly recommended.

4. Communication technology

Smart switches belong to iot devices, and each switch has a unique address. Today's wired version of the smart switch generally use 485 communication technology, this technology has been developing trend for many years, a variety of international popular smart home furniture system software are using this technology, very perfect, and can be convenient and popular center console server closely combined, and then rise to the overall smart home furniture control. In addition, some people worry that wireless networks may have radiation sources, so wired is comfortable. I propose that if you can cloth the power line, you can choose the wired version of the switch.

Step 5: Function

In selecting the ceiling rose mould, the most important thing is the role of the commodity, to see whether it can meet the diversified requirements of consumers. First to meet the customer's main requirements, at the same time can meet the customer's many unexpected ideas. The most common demand for intelligent switches is: multi-control. Really positive multi control, it should be how much control is able to complete how much control. There are also a variety of scenarios, can be set according to your needs, rather than a stable bedroom a scene, a big living room a scene, this is not intelligent. In addition, the functional requirements of intelligent switches are actually many, this is mainly to see the customer's own selection, to meet your main requirements, does not mean that the switch is intelligent, practical or to see more more.

6. Networking scheme

In today's intelligent switches, whether wired or wireless networks, a large part of the networking scheme is the central console networking scheme method. That is, the first step must be a central console machine and equipment, and then control and send signals to adjust each switch. In such cases, there must be a center console machine equipment. Once the center console is in trouble, it goes out of service. And the new generation of intelligent switch, each switch is a separate server, can operate independently, can also constitute the Internet, without the central console machine equipment can operate. In addition, even if one switch is difficult, it does not affect the normal operation of the other switches. Therefore, if possible, choose the type of smart switch that does not use a server.

Here are some of the methods we share with you for selecting ceiling rose mould. I hope you can help and bring you plenty of convenience to purchase your favorite ceiling rose mould.

ceiling rose mould