Adventure Islands are a typical ending game

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You can collect and collect the Island Soul Lost Ark Gold. That's the reward you get when you complete an island. Sometimes this means raising Rapport when you interact with the local NPC and other times, you have to complete a quest line or do a PvP challenge.

Lost Ark Island Souls

Island Souls (also called Island Tokens) are the major reward that you earn when you complete an island challenge. You can learn more about the nature of these challenges by talking to Opher the NPC in The Lonely Island northwest of Pleccia (right left side of map). After you have opened the dialog window Find the area (such such as "chest," 'adventure quest', or Rapport) by moving your mouse over the category with Island Souls.Opher is also the NPC you should reach out to if your goal is to trade your Island Souls for rewards. Sacrifice those Island Souls to the statue on the beach first (a little further east) before speaking to Opher for some of the items listed below:

Lost Ark Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are a typical ending game. To find one, launch Procyon's Compass and click the 'appearance notification ' button. It will show when and when the next Adventure Islands will appear. You'll also be able to view the recommended item levels and the anticipated rewards.

Sailing to the Adventure Island and wait for buy Lost Ark Gold access. It's not visible in the moment, but you're at the right spot when you see a massive maelstrom together with other boats grouped together. Once there is an Adventure Island appears, right-click to open. The co-op quest starts automatically. Be sure to complete the quest and don't be afraid to ask for help via chat if the quest is unclear.