Blizzard went on to say that some of these changes

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In a blog post posted in the last day of this forum WoTLK Gold, Blizzard declared that the company is currently "significantly decreasing the speed in which health for creatures increases with your item level." Actually, this change is already available for players in World of Warcraft .

"All we're trying do this is stop instances that monsters die too fast so that players don't react to their presence, in particular within World Quests," Blizzard explained. "Our initial setup was more aggressive than we needed to be. This can cause players to feel that the upgrades you made weren't benefiting you. This will make it obvious that you're getting stronger than the opposition as your gear improves."

Another noteworthy change now live in the game is that Blizzard is cutting down on damage-dealing abilities of enemies. "Our main goal with this change is to prevent the amount of time needed for a monster to be killed from getting absurdly short, and to ensure that increasing the damage they deal is unnecessary for that goal," Blizzard said. "Instead, this could make you feel as if they were becoming more dangerous, but that was not our intention."

Blizzard went on to say that some of these changes were made available to players within World of Warcraft through the 7.2 Public Test Realm patch The patch was released to buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold January. The company did not inform players about the change immediately because the studio wanted "raw and honest feedback."